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Opening hours: 8 AM - 5 AM

Spin and enjoy a world of excitement at our Slots area featuring 100 machines and an electronic roulette with 8 playing spots. Find the newest and most popular machines from various manufacturers, located in smoking, non-smoking, and live gaming areas.


Electronic Roulette

The minimum bet per number is €0.10

The maximum bet per number is €30

The total maximum bet for one spin is €3000

Please note that each player is allowed to occupy only one seat during the game

Insert your Diamond Palace casino card to benefit from 10% cashback (max €300), collect points and participate in exciting promotions!


All slot machines in the casino are organised into a tiered jackpot system. The possibilities are endless, as all jackpots are independent, allowing any machine to potentially award multiple jackpots without limitations.

In-game Jackpots

As you play various games, these exclusive jackpots present exciting opportunities for significant wins, adding an element of surprise and anticipation to your gaming experience.

Diamond Palace's Four-Tier Club Jackpot System

With multiple progressive levels ranging from Power to Diamond, this system rewards dedicated players with the opportunity to hit substantial jackpots, making this moment at our casino unforgettable.

Jackpots by Manufacturer's Groups

Our casino features an impressive selection of slot machines from renowned manufacturers, contributing to captivating group jackpots. As you explore these machines, you have the chance to participate in shared jackpots, heightening the excitement and potential for extra payouts.

Day and Night Extra Jackpots

Join us from 12 PM to 14 PM for a chance to win 5 daytime jackpots, each worth 30 € with a minimum bet of just 0.1 €. And don't miss our nighttime activity, taking place on Monday and Friday from 20 PM to 22 PM. Here you can claim 5 jackpots, each worth an impressive 50 € for a minimum bet of only 0.2 €.


Diamond Palace's
Club Jackpot System


Min bet 0,1 €

Min/Max jackpot 30 – 150 €


Min bet 0,5 €

Min/Max jackpot 300 – 1 500 €


Min bet 1 €

Min/Max jackpot 2 000 – 4 000 €


Min bet 2 €

Min/Max jackpot 5 000 – 15 000 €


Visit us!

Our doors are open, and we can't wait to welcome you to a world of non-stop fun and extraordinary moments. Come and be part of the magic at Diamond Palace Casino!

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