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Texas Hold'em stands as the most beloved and widely played poker variant globally, captivating millions regardless of age, gender, or background. As an intellectual game, it demands mastery of rules, strategies, and psychology, while testing players' mood, stamina, and focus. The game's core revolves around comparing five-card poker combinations, skillfully composed from seven cards - two "pocket" cards and five shared cards. Embracing universally accepted rules, Texas Hold'em remains a thrilling pursuit, with minor nuances that casinos customize to enrich the experience.


•  Call: To match the current highest bet in the round.

•  Fold: To discard one's hand and forfeit any chance of winning the current pot.

•  Raise: To increase the size of the current bet.

•  All in: To bet all the remaining chips a player possesses.

•  Check: The act of declining to bet when it's one's turn, passing the action to the next player without adding to the pot.

•  Small blind: A compulsory bet made by the player sitting to the immediate left of the dealer button.

•  Big blind: A mandatory bet made by the player sitting two places to the left of the dealer button, directly left of the small blind.

•  Dealer/Button: The theoretical dealer position for the purposes of blinds and betting order.

•  Board: The community cards in the center of the table shared by all players.

•  Flop: The first three community cards dealt face-up on the board.

•  Turn: The fourth community card dealt after the flop.

•  River: The fifth and final community card dealt after the turn.

•  Kicker: An unpaired card used to determine the winner between two equal hands.

•  Pot: The total sum of all bets placed in a game up to a given point.


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