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Experience Luxury and Elegance at Europe's Crown Jewel!

Situated in the heart of the Croatian capital, in close proximity to the Sheraton Hotel, Diamond Palace Casino stands as an exquisite gem. Not only is it a prominent tourist attraction in Zagreb, but it has also garnered recognition as one of the most beautiful casinos in both Croatia and Europe. Since its inauguration in 2016, this establishment has captivated patrons with its distinctive interior, making it an essential destination for those exploring the city.

Unique interiors

The majority of interior elements are custom-made exclusively for our casino, sourced from various corners of the globe. For instance, our bars feature rare onyx with captivating illumination, and our iconic chandelier crafted from Venetian Murano glass stands as a unique masterpiece, created in a single edition

Smoking and non-smoking areas

Diamond Palace Casino is celebrated for its inclusivity and respect for individual preferences. Every guest has the freedom to select their preferred area for leisurely gaming, accompanied by complimentary drinks for players, and a welcoming atmosphere.

English-speaking staff

Every day, over half of our casino's visitors hail from an average of 20 different countries. In fact, throughout the casino's history, guests from 105 nations have registered at our reception desk.


Explore Our 1500 m² of Casino Wonderland!

Why play with us?

The widest range of live games, including classics like American Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, and Texas Hold'em Poker.

Exclusive casino promotions designed to elevate your gaming experience.

The expansive array of slot machines from various renowned manufacturers, boasting a collection of 100 slots and an electronic roulette featuring 8 slots.

Exceptional customer service, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your visit.


Luxurios & Simply
the Best

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