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Discover the thrill of Diamond Extreme Poker, an exhilarating variation of the popular Texas poker game played against the casino. With each player aiming to beat the dealer, the excitement and rewards are boundless in this action-packed poker showdown!



1. Diamond Extreme Poker is played against the casino, using a standard deck of 52 cards.

2. Players start by placing an ANTE bet and a mandatory BLIND bet of the same amount. They also have the option to place a TRIPS bonus bet.

3. The dealer distributes two face-up cards to each player and two to themselves. Players then decide to either place a PLAY bet (three or four times the ANTE) or "check." Folding is not an option at this stage, and players can proceed even after choosing to "check."

4. Subsequently, the dealer reveals three community cards, termed the FLOP. Players who made a PLAY bet earlier cannot take further actions until the game's conclusion. Those who opted to "check" can now either place a PLAY bet (twice the ANTE) or "check" again.

5. The dealer then deals two additional community cards, making a total of five community cards on the board. Players who chose "check" in the previous rounds can now either place a PLAY bet (equal to the ANTE) or fold.

6. After all decisions, the dealer uncovers their two cards and constructs the best five-card hand using their cards in conjunction with the community cards.

7. The dealer qualifies with a pair of twos or better.

8. For a player to win, their hand must out-rank the dealer's. If so, the ANTE and PLAY bets are paid 1:1. The BLIND bet pays out for a straight or higher based on specific pay tables, but only if the player's hand beats the dealer's. If the player's hand is inferior, all wagers are forfeited. In case of a tie, all bets except for the TRIPS push. If a player beats the dealer but has a hand ranking lower than a straight, the BLIND bet pushes.


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