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Unlock membership in the Lucky Player Club with a Diamond keychain, each individually numbered and coming with a unique certificate to verify its authenticity. Your Lucky Player Club membership has no time limitations and provides exclusive opportunities to partake in casino promotions tailored specifically for key fob holders. Enjoy surprise gifts and additional bonuses that are part of the exclusive benefits bestowed upon our members!

How to get


Special promotions


Membership Terms and Conditions

To qualify for membership in the Lucky Player Club (upon receiving the Diamond keychain), a player must engage in slot play with a player card and fulfill a minimum of 10 casino visits per month.

Membership in the Lucky Player Club is automatically activated upon meeting these two conditions.

Transferring the keychain is prohibited. In the event of such a transfer, membership in the Lucky Player Club will be revoked.


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Our doors are open, and we can't wait to welcome you to a world of non-stop fun and extraordinary moments. Come and be part of the magic at Diamond Palace Casino!

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