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While gambling can be an interesting and enjoyable way to spend your free time, it's important to be aware that it can sometimes evoke emotions that are hard to manage.


To ensure that your gambling remains a source of entertainment and doesn't develop into a problem, consider these tips:

  • Decide beforehand the amount of money you can comfortably spend on gambling.

  • If you're facing financial challenges, it's best to avoid gambling. 

  • Don't use money that you've saved or designated for other purposes for gambling. 

  • Refrain from borrowing money for the purpose of gambling. 

  • If you start feeling uneasy or stressed, whether you're winning or losing, it's a sign to take a break from gambling.


Losing control over your gambling habits can have negative impacts on your personal and family life, and even affect your work. This usually occurs when gambling becomes a recurring part of your life, leading to the loss of important values such as social connections, family ties, material well-being, and more.


If you find that you're struggling to control your gambling, don't hesitate to seek help from a counselor. Anonymous contact information for gambling addiction specialists in Croatia can be found in our casino at noticeable locations near the live games and slots.

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